Posted: Nov 17, 2017 10:13 pm
by KeenIdiot
NamelessFaceless wrote:
KeenIdiot wrote:It was good to see a decent story from my home city.
I took some photos of the cross for Wikipedia when the controversy was gathering steam.
I was told at the time the dedication Stone I photographed helped the case. Dunno if that's so or not.
Do know a lot of the reports have failed to mention initially the case started because the refused equal access. If Christians want to have their symbols on public land, they have to be willing to share the space.
I have a soft spot for old monuments, I'd rather it have remained. But that'd require them unbunching their drawers.

Can you either link to the Wiki article you're referring to, or post the picture of the dedication? I didn't realize that was there.

In the meantime, two law firms have offered to represent the City for free for the appeal (The Liberty Council and the Becket Fund for Religious Liberty) and a non-profit group has offered to lease the land around it.

Oops. Sorry I missed this.
If you still want it after this amount if time. Sorry


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