Posted: Feb 26, 2018 4:42 am
by surreptitious57
Being non judgemental of others
Giving to charity without publicity
The Golden Rule [ also the Silver Rule ]
The Parables [ especially the Good Samaritan ]
Accepting responsibility for all of the wrong one has ever done in their life
Commandments Four to Eight [ more recommendations than commandments ]
The washing of feet [ not the act as such rather what it represents : humility ]

Regardless of whether or not they are original or exclusive to Christianity since that doesnt actually matter

I borrow from Buddhism with reference to all suffering originating in the mind and craving being the cause
Also questioning everything and accepting nothing without scrutiny. And I take from secular philosophy too
with regard to utilitarianism and absurdism. So therefore if some moral wisdom is of value to me I will use
it regardless of its origin which is of no relevance at all beyond simple historical fact far as I am concerned

Opening up the discussion here because atheists discussing the positive merits of Christianity isnt really going anywhere

Also answering this question that atheists get asked usually by Christians : where does your morality come from. To which
my answer is : the same place as yours namely evolutionary psychology which is as least as old as religion if not older and
by many orders of millennia predates Christianity [ and the other big four belief systems as well ]