Posted: Feb 27, 2018 1:43 am
by BlackBart
John Platko wrote:
BlackBart wrote:


It's only heresy if you give a flying fuck.

English 18th-century antiquarians...snip

Whatever. There's still no reason to believe Christmas would have died out without the Church. In fact, if the Victorians hadn't popularised it as the holiday we know today, it just be another tedious excuse for the Child Molester's club to drone on about their inane superstitions and fleece the gullible. The church here is dying on it's arse and Christmas goes from strength to strength.

Somebody else born in a manger?

Let me re-phrase that so you can't be deliberately obtuse;

And of course, none of that alters the fact that Christians hijacked a festival and shoehorned little baby Jesus into it.

I'm quite happy to call it something else...Winterval - whatever -- a party is a party. :coffee: