Posted: Mar 05, 2018 6:26 pm
by Skinny Puppy
Christians are (in my experience):

• The finest group of people that I've ever met.

• They're 100% non-judgmental. Regardless of whatever you've done they will listen to you and never pass judgment on you. They will of course make suggestions about how to change your ways, but they are not allowed to pass judgment on you.

• They're there for you in thick and thin. One call and you have a support group more than willing to give their time and energy to get you through whatever troubles you're facing.

• There's a community spirit within the group that's hard to put into words. It's as if they're more like a caring family than just friends or acquaintances.

• There's nothing that you can say that will shock them. We all have failings and they accept that and want to help you, not to condemn or to criticize you.

• Regardless of the subject, you can have a civil discourse with them. Tempers never flair and you can speak your piece without interruption. Any rebuttals to your POV are always done with respect.