Posted: Mar 05, 2018 9:11 pm
by Skinny Puppy
Animavore wrote:
Skinny Puppy wrote:
Animavore wrote:My experience with Christians is that they are as varied as anyone else and to say that they are all, all of them, 100% anything contradicts one of the fundamental facts of life; that there is variation among individuals in a species. It's pretty much one of the driving forces of the evolution thing.

That's why I said this:

Christians are (in my experience):

You can't possibly be not aware of hate preachers like the Westboro Baptist Church. Or centuries of religious persecution. The Christians "in your experience" are not just the people who live on your road.

I should have added an extra word to that.

Christians are (in my personal experience):

The Westboro Baptist Church is an anomaly. They won't make poster child.