Posted: Mar 05, 2018 9:40 pm
by Animavore
Skinny Puppy wrote:The Westboro Baptist Church is an anomaly. They won't make poster child.

They're an extreme, but not an anomaly. Their hatred of gay people is a common theme throughout the Christian world. Especially those Christians on the Right of the political divide. We heard enough of their slander and lies towards gay people during the Same Sex Marriage referendum in Ireland. And I'm sure we're in for another lorry full of slander and lies against women, doctors and falsehoods on procedures in the upcoming Abortion Referendum. Lying for Jesus is another common trait of the Christian right, from gays, to women, to evolution, to climate change, liberals, etc. etc.

There's as much damaging and reality-denying Christianity as there is any type of more benevolent Christianity. Your personal experience seems either limited, or biased.