Posted: May 20, 2018 9:58 am
by aliihsanasl
Thomas Eshuis wrote:
aliihsanasl wrote:We have members from Pakistan, they can inform us about the groups visiting frequency of mosques for daily prayers and other times.

And btw just to mention that Turkey doesnt represent whole Islamic world I said "thats the practice in Turkey".

But when I said mainstream Islam doesnt necessarily call for all prayers to mosque thats known by all Muslims.

But that's not what you said, or at least not what I responded to. I responded to your claim that Islam doesn't know mosque communities like Christian churches do.

I still defend that and the reason I do that I believe there are huge differences between the role of a church/priest and mosque/imam.

First of all coming to life in a Christian country/family isnt enough to be a "real" Christian am I right ? In order to be Christian on the 8th day candidate baby baptised by a priest he gets a name and a godmother/godfather for his/her Christian life. From the 8th day baby joined into a tiny community which will grow as his age grows too.

A priest have the authority of listening and forgiving the sins of a Christian in the church. So church serves as a kind of "relaxation" and easing your pains function for the Christian individual which pushes him to join the community and visit church.

If you swear to church openly this ends up with the excommunication of you from Christianity. You may ask what this has to do with participating to church ? If you dont be a good guy in the eye of your community no matter who you're they can turn against you. Just watched this movie, telling the story of a large community leader priest excommunication for rejecting the first sin. Comes Sunday I believe you will give the Salman Rushdie example but that isnt even close to excommunication imo.

There isnt such a role of neither imam nor mosque in Islam, its just between you and what you believe. You may be someone who never attended to mosque like my grandfather but when his body arrive to mosque for his funeral prayer and imam asks "how do you know him ?" everyone obliged to say three times "we know him fine" even if they never saw him.