Posted: May 20, 2018 10:16 am
by aliihsanasl
Shagz wrote:My impression is that Turkey is the most moderate Islamic country. Is that impression correct?

If so, don't you think that your impression of Islam will differ from someone from, say, Iran?

The picture is like that it looks like the most moderate Islamic country but does it really like that or with some laws and with the force of the army country pushed to appear like that to international community. Its my 38th year here I still dont have a clear view of it but even the sociologists cant define it.

One things is clear Istanbul was the city whole Islam world proud of having it, it was the home of the Islamic caliphate and in one day caliphate kicked out of country and what was left was a secular country.

Conservative Muslims all the time say that "Jews established 2 states in the 20th century and Israel is the second one."

Giving Iran as an example is a strange coincidence cause Turks learned Islam from Iranians and somehow in the history decided to change sect and passed from Shia to Sunni. But I understand what you say and I can say of course its normal to have different practices but there are fundamental pillars of a religion that wont change.

There is no clergy group in Islam everyone is equally close and equally distant from the same God. Even during the Friday prayer when a Muslims hears something that he doesnt approve he can criticize and leave the Friday talk. Just a few weeks ago when an imam's speech began to cover politics half of the mosque group left there and protested imam.