Posted: Nov 25, 2018 2:49 am
by Hermit
Hermit wrote:
Blackadder wrote:
Hermit wrote:
Blackadder wrote:God let my brother die at the age of 12 leaving our (god fearing) parents heartbroken.

God’s a complete cunt, basically.

No, he's not. Your brother's death was caused by a just God for any number of easily justifiable reasons. For instance, he may have begun to develop stirrings of gayness, a disease that is completely curable, but your brother wilfully resisted the cure. Hence the punishment. As for your god fearing, heartbroken parents, they may have used unseemly words in the past - or worse, blasphemed - without seeking God's redemption for those sins. Hence the punishment. See? God is just, and he never makes a mistake.

Ah, I see now. It was all our fault. Thanks for clearing that up. Sorry about that, God. Please carry on with your rainbow manufacturing.

Yes. I am ever so glad you've finally understood the interlocked concepts of free will and original sin.

Wortfish wrote:God is not to blame if we smoke ourselves silly and get lung cancer.We are the ones to blame.

Free will.

Wortfish wrote:
Animavore wrote:
And what of children who get leukaemia?

Their parents....and natural selection.

Original sin.

Wortfish is my hero. He understands everything you don't. :lol:

My favourite proof of god's justice and benevolence; quarter million humans killed within a few hours. I guess Wortfish will argue it's their fault for being in the wrong place at the wrong time.