Posted: Nov 25, 2018 3:38 pm
by SafeAsMilk
Fallible wrote:
Sendraks wrote:
Wortfish wrote:. God created a good but not perfect/optimal world.

Then god is to blame for creating a not perfect/optimal world.

Wortfish wrote:God is not to blame if we smoke ourselves silly and get lung cancer.We are the ones to blame.

God created the world as not perfect/optimal therefore as the creator of this world, everything is indeed god's fault. If he'd created it perfect/optimal, then this stuff wouldn't happen.

Also there are many forms of cancer and they can occur without a person smoking. Therefore, still god's fault.

Or at least it would be god' fault, if god were shown to exist. A feat yet to be achieved by any number of fuckwitted theists.

Even lung cancer is contracted by people who never smoked a cigarette in their lives. There's really no point correcting someone who probably doesn't believe a word of the crap he comes out with. It's not his goal to be plausible.

The problem I'm finding is that if he's a troll, what he means is even stupider than the things he says. It takes no effort to say something stupid that real people actually believe and get folks to respond to it. A toddler could do this. I couldn't imagine being so bored and have so little worthwhile to do, that that would count as an accomplishment. So I've got to at least work under the assumption that he actually believes the dumb shit he says, otherwise he must be even more stupid and lazy than the character he's playing.