Posted: Dec 02, 2018 7:45 am
by Blackadder
Wortfish wrote:
Or could the alien engineers have been angels? Either way, it seems that this is clear evidence for intelligent design,

No it isn't. You don't understand the meaning of "clear evidence".

Wortfish wrote:Newton concluded that, while gravity explained how the earth went round the Sun, only God (the agent) could have carefully arranged the celestial bodies in their orbits.

To do the first part, Newton showed his workings. To do the second part, he pulled an opinion out of his arse. Scientists are only taken seriously when they show their workings. You evidently don't understand science so you wouldn't have a clue about any of this.

Wortfish wrote:OK. What determined the mass ratios and charges for protons, neutrons and electrons?

First explain why there HAD to be a "determined". You can't, without a circular argument that begins with God and ends with God.

Wortfish wrote:'Brute fact' arguments don't explain the finely tuned constants of physics.

You are using "explain" like you used "determined". You still need to explain why they need to be "explained", in the sense that you mean. Funny how you god botherers are happy to spout that "God just is" but you get all pissy when someone claims that Nature "just is".

Wortfish wrote:However, scientists admit that they don't know what causes lightning, lending weight to the idea of supernatural tinkering

Oh, not the old, threadbare god of the gaps argument again. Really? Aren't you embarrassed to post such intellectually vacant rubbish?