Posted: Dec 03, 2018 10:15 am
by Cito di Pense
Hermit wrote:
Wortfish wrote:300 years of science has not provided an explanation to replace the ancient belief in the divine generation of thunderbolts.

Or rainbows, for that matter. It's just so much more satisfying, not to mention useful, to imagine that rainbows are not merely a matter of light refracting through raindrops or mist, but that they are God's reminder to his own self not to drown planet earth once more. There's a side benefit too: We can waste our time wondering where all that water came from that was needed for such a deluge, and where it has disappeared to afterwards. It's truly mysterious, for it seems that right now there is only just enough water on the planet to raise water levels by another 80 metres once every crystal of ice has melted. Mount Ararat is 3,611metres high, and the Himalayas more than twice that much.

Oh, you could take every chunk of rock that rests above, say, less than 500 meters below sea level, toss it into the ocean basins, and there would not be a speck of rock less than 500 meters below the surface of a very wide ocean. The problem is certainly not that there isn't enough water. The problem is that the creationist cosmos is static (except for the occasional miracle) and Wortfish knows very little about the planet that he lives upon and upon which walk numerous oxygen thieves.

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