Posted: Dec 03, 2018 10:54 am
by BlackBart
Wortfish wrote:
Blackadder wrote:
Your fuckwit ancestors believed thunderbolts were being physically thrown from the fingertips of human-like gods. That’s been the full extent of religion’s contribution to the study of lightning, something people like you will try to obfuscate with your usual dishonest tactics. Scientific endeavour is rather more honest and productive than pulling god out of your sphincter every time we have a gap in our knowledge.

I think the idea of gods chucking thunderbolts should be interpreted poetically and metaphorically. However, I find it amusing that scientists cannot explain a very regular natural phenomenon with reference to natural causes. Perhaps lightning is a manifestation of divine power as much as it is electrostatic discharge.

Evidence of electric discharge: A fuckton.

Evidence of divine power: Squat.