Posted: Dec 03, 2018 3:30 pm
by SafeAsMilk
Wortfish wrote:
Blackadder wrote:
Your fuckwit ancestors believed thunderbolts were being physically thrown from the fingertips of human-like gods. That’s been the full extent of religion’s contribution to the study of lightning, something people like you will try to obfuscate with your usual dishonest tactics. Scientific endeavour is rather more honest and productive than pulling god out of your sphincter every time we have a gap in our knowledge.

I think the idea of gods chucking thunderbolts should be interpreted poetically and metaphorically.

Of course you do, because it's the only way for you to get out of acknowledging the sorts of stupid shit religious people literally believe. If you want anyone else to accept your incredibly lame and transparent apologetics, though, you'll have to provide evidence that it's supposed to be interpreted that way. I know that won't be forthcoming because you don't do evidence.

However, I find it amusing that scientists cannot explain a very regular natural phenomenon with reference to natural causes. Perhaps lightning is a manifestation of divine power as much as it is electrostatic discharge.

I'd say perhaps you could provide some evidence for this view, but I know you don't have any. Which is amazing, because you've had practically the entire history of civilization to come up with even the slightest shred of evidence, anything at all. And yet, your wishful thinking has produced exactly nothing. It's just yet more intellectual laziness and dishonesty that always comes from religious thinking. Let me point out to you again: I could say that I personally cause the lighting, and this explanation would STILL be more likely than your magical sky daddy fantasy, because at least it can be shown that I exist. Wish all you want, but not a single rigorous investigation of any phenomenon has ever, in the history of all humanity, come to the final conclusion that ghosts n' goblins did it. Your brain-dead, bronze age, goat-fucker beliefs have lost, get over it.