Posted: Dec 04, 2018 5:18 pm
by Cito di Pense
Scot Dutchy wrote:
Alan B wrote:
Wortfish wrote:Gen 1:1 indicates that the universe was made first.

You are missing the point. The 'Universe' (as we know it) didn't exist in the minds of the people at the time of Genesis. The Earth, consisting of local horizon to horizon (including the Sun and the 'stars that moved in the sky'), was their 'universe'. This ignorance persisted until fairly recently when the telescope was invented

Theories of the Universe

Exactly Alan. The universe was not part of their story and yet it is so enormous but the creationists cant handle it. All they argue about are the stupid details.

How did their wondrous deity manage to handle all that creativity? They dont know. Stop arguing about earth lets talk just universe. They have no solutions. They are completely lost. The Sun is a G2 star. Surely the prize of the universe made in his shape would be orbiting around a A star. He did not like us much. A crummy G2 star; a yellow dwarf? FFS we need to be at the top.

Oh, Scot? What is it that has you implying the A stars are at the top of some hierarchy? You think this business is alphabetical?

I think now we need the FFS spectral class.