Posted: Mar 10, 2020 10:23 pm
by Nevets
Thomas Eshuis wrote: At least make the effort to read the source you quote.
William was Duke of Normandy, not king.

I never ever said he was. I said William was "the first Norman king of England".

Also look up what a Duke of Normandy is. It means ruler. Your argument is a nit pick play on words, diverting from what is important, and obfuscating the subject, by trying to mislead someone by implying a Duke is of less importance, and thus downplaying the importance.

In the Middle Ages, the Duke of Normandy was the ruler of the Duchy of Normandy in north-western France.

If you want me to reply to the rest of your post, you will aslo have to put some space between my replies and your own, because going through your entire post, seperating my writing from yours, is not practical.

Any other objections to anything else you said, i shall raise in another post