Posted: Mar 12, 2020 9:44 pm
by Hermit
Nevets wrote:
Hermit wrote:
Nevets wrote:The anglo saxons were Danish. Not German

Germanics in those days, were Danes

Unadulterated bullshit. Both Angles and Saxons were part of a conglomeration of Germanic tribes Tacitus (~56 - ~120 AD) collectively labelled the Suebi. A couple of centuries earlier they were settled between the Eider and the Elbe rivers.


ooo using sourcery now.
You are becoming Pagan.
Better watch, might get burned at the stake.

But nice try. However your own link has in bright green, "Nordsee Germans", as being the "main group" leading the invasion.
It was the same Nordsee germans that were behind the great conspiracy of 367ad, the lead up, to 410

But at least you are learning the roll that the Norsemen, had in freeing England from the Romans.

Firstly, Nordsee Germans were not Danes.

Secondly, the area marked "Suebi" is where the Angles and Saxons lived before the Angles moved to what later became known as the Prussian province of Schleswig Holstein and the Saxons to the Oldenburg region.

Thirdly, the Danes did not live in any of those regions until later.

Fourthly, the Danes were Norsemen who migrated from - as their name suggests - the north.

Your attempt to equate Angles and Saxons shatters on the rocks of actual history.