Posted: Mar 12, 2020 9:56 pm
by Nevets
Hermit wrote:Fourthly, the Danes were Norsemen who migrated from - as their name suggests - the north..

More pseudo-intellectual nonsense unfortunately.
You dont really even need a source to work out that Nordsee, refers to the North Sea.
But i will provide one anyway

The modern names of the sea in the other local languages are: Danish: Vesterhavet [ˈvɛstɐˌhæˀvəð] ("West Sea") or Nordsøen [ˈnoɐ̯ˌsøˀn̩], Dutch: Noordzee, Dutch Low Saxon: Noordzee, French: Mer du Nord, West Frisian: Noardsee, German: Nordsee

And where am i disputing that those that migrated to Britain in 410, were not Norsemen?