Posted: Mar 12, 2020 10:47 pm
by Hermit
Nevets wrote:
Hermit wrote:
Nevets wrote:
Hermit wrote:Fourthly, the Danes were Norsemen who migrated from - as their name suggests - the north..

More pseudo-intellectual nonsense unfortunately.
You dont really even need a source to work out that Nordsee, refers to the North Sea.
But i will provide one anyway

The modern names of the sea in the other local languages are: Danish: Vesterhavet [ˈvɛstɐˌhæˀvəð] ("West Sea") or Nordsøen [ˈnoɐ̯ˌsøˀn̩], Dutch: Noordzee, Dutch Low Saxon: Noordzee, French: Mer du Nord, West Frisian: Noardsee, German: Nordsee

And where am i disputing that those that migrated to Britain in 410, were not Norsemen?

You're all over the place. Let's recap what just happened and see if you focus for long enough to stay on course:
Hermit wrote:
Nevets wrote:The anglo saxons were Danish. Not German

Germanics in those days, were Danes

Unadulterated bullshit. Both Angles and Saxons were part of a conglomeration of Germanic tribes Tacitus (~56 - ~120 AD) collectively labelled the Suebi. A couple of centuries earlier they were settled between the Eider and the Elbe rivers.

Nevets wrote:...your own link has in bright green, "Nordsee Germans", as being the "main group" leading the invasion.

OK, already failing to substantiate your claim that the Angles and Saxons were Danes, rather than Germans. Please try again.

False. that was "me" that said Germanics in those days were Danes.

Not you.

Yes, it was you who wrote: "The anglo saxons were Danish. Not German". Just like it's labelled in the quote. I explained that the Angles an Saxons came to Schleswig-Holstein and Oldenburg from the southeast (between the Eider and the Elbe rivers), and therefore could not have been Danes.

Your turn. And do try to stick to the thread of the argument.