Posted: Sep 03, 2020 3:09 am
by Leucius Charinus
Long but systematic coverage of stuff.
Bit more time in isolation - thanks for the link.

RealityRules wrote:The Jesus of History & The Christ of Myth--SSA Talk about Jesus & the Star of Bethlehem, Aaron Adair, 2013

At the 54:00 mark he talks about the being a 1st or 2nd century text. The myth theory of Doherty and Carrier place this text early - in the 1st century. There is no mention of it anywhere in antiquity, People are making "kudos guesses" about everything being early. Because that's where the church dogma tells people where to look. WIKI states it could be from the 3rd century. There is nothing really preventing the text to have been composed in the 4th century when Constantine elevated Jesus to the Purple Heavens, tearing down the pagan temples and constructing the Christian basilicas.

The chronology of the history of Christian origins floats on a raft of conjectures guided by church dogma. The light-house keeper Eusebius shines the light over the Apostolic Age and the rise of the Bishops. A row of flood-lights have been erected by the utterly corrupt church industry over the 1st century. Those intoxicated by the monstrous tale relentlessly search for their car keys to christian origins under these 1st century lights.

But in which century does arguably all of the primary evidence (and the C14 results) shine ITS light on this open question ?