Posted: Oct 04, 2020 6:26 am
by Thomas Eshuis
IAMinyou wrote:
Thomas Eshuis wrote:
IAMinyou wrote:It appears the atheists control this site and ran all the Christians out of here. Atheists don't know that Christians are just like them. They only have belief and no faith. Faith is the key to being led to the Truth and that only happens when the Voice of God is heard in the MIND and then obeyed from that point on.

Christians weren't ran out of here. They either chose to leave of their own accord or were banned for violating the FUA.

That is exactly what I thought.

Then why did you say 'ran the Christians out of here'?

IAMinyou wrote:
Christians do have faith, that's why they never offer any evidence for the existence of their god.

They do not understand what faith means but they sure are believers in false deities and the lies they read in their New Testament.

Thank you for demonstrating that you're using an idiosyncratic definition of faith. :roll:

IAMinyou wrote:
What is 'Truth' and why do you capitalise the word?

To make sure the reader knows it's different than the word "truth'' that you keep listening to be all the truth tellers in this world today. The Truth is not something to be seen. It's understanding what it is that makes human beings look real.

That's silly word-salad.

IAMinyou wrote:
Which god are you talking about? How do you know it even exists?

That is why I use Creator instead. When the Creator spoke into my mind 41 years ago, he said, "I AM YOUR CREATOR'. Ever since then, I know him as my Creator.

There are also people who are convinced they're Napoleon. Does that make it true?
Also, your parents created you.

IAMinyou wrote:
What do you mean by 'mind'?

The mind is where all the action is that forms a world to experience. Think of the mind like Apple siri only the mind is created much better.

More vapid word-salad.