Posted: Oct 06, 2020 6:10 pm
by Blackadder
fluttermoth wrote:
Blackadder wrote:
Svartalf wrote:If that's so, why is it only "confirmed" muslims are allowed access to certain places like Temple Mount or Mecca?

Because they don't want the others, who've become Jews, or Christians for example, to enter these places, in case it upsets Allah. He's a bastard when he gets pissed off and his track record on genocide is such that I don't blame the muzzers for being extra careful.

Sorry to go off topic, but why are so many gods so fucking angry, nearly all the time? They made everything to be the way it is in the first damn place, whatever happens is their fault :what:

It'd be like me baking chocolate cake, then throwing it at the wall because it's not lemon drizzle :crazy:

It's worse than that. It's like you baking a chocolate cake, demanding to be admired for it, hearing someone say they prefer lemon drizzle and then murdering everyone in the room with your chef's knife.