Posted: Oct 11, 2020 5:33 pm
by SafeAsMilk
aufbahrung wrote:
Fallible wrote:The role of ‘choice and willpower’ is not as important as you possibly think. Choice is rarely free, willpower is a short term band aid, not a solution.

Perhaps, then all it takes not to eat a cheeseburger is not to eat the cheeseburger.

If your only strategy is willpower. And if you are, likely you're going to fail. Not putting yourself in the position of having to choose to not eat the burger is more likely to succeed. That is, if success is the goal rather than looking for ways to wag your finger at people.

Actual choice in the real world is plenty straightforward.

It appears plenty straightforward. But y'know, so was the idea that the Earth was flat.

Willpower might be a unnecessary adjunct to that only added in to amplify the premise? My bad poetry side.

Willpower is useful, but if you're depending entirely on it then you're already screwed.

As stated, excessive eating observably exists and the reasons for it beyond insufficient willpower are many.