Posted: Oct 12, 2020 2:54 pm
by Rumraket
I cut calories to about 1500/day, down from eating about 2500/day, and lost 17 kg(from 87kg to 70kg) over 8 months. I had been slowly gaining weight for a bout 2½ years before I reversed the trend.

I did this by using my willpower to stop eating high calorie meals such as fast-food, potato chips, cake, and chocolate. It's been almost 2 years since I reached 70kg and I still maintain my weight at 70kg (it usually fluctuates between 68.5 and 71.4) by counting the calories of what I eat(I aim for about 1700/day, this seems to keep me at a stable weight).

I some times allow myself some unhealthy snacks like potato chips or chocolate, but I still count the calories and simply subtract however many calories they contain from the 1700 I aim for.

Is eating more calories than you use Gluttony? I don't give a shit. But reducing my caloric intake made me lose weight. You know those people who say calories in-calories out doesn't work? They're full of shit.