Posted: Aug 16, 2021 2:22 am
by dogsgod
dejuror wrote:
dogsgod wrote:Paul read and saw everything Jesus Christ in his ancient scriptures, what Xtians call the Old Testament, he also saw Jesus in visions and now people read an historical Jesus into these religious texts we now call the NT and find him there. People are amazing.

There is no external or historical evidence whatsoever to support any claim about the character called Jesus Christ by NT Paul. There are no known witnesses of the supposed conversion of Paul. There are no known converts by Paul. It is virtually impossible to corroborate that NT Paul had visions (which are useless as historical evidence) and the only NT writing to mention Paul outside the so-called Pauline Epistles was considered a forgery by the Church itself.

In addition, it cannot shown that stories of Jesus Christ were not in circulation and unknown to the Pauline writers before the Epistles were composed.

In effect, the so-called Pauline Epistles are completely useless for the HJ argument.

Yes, there is no shortage of theories.