Posted: Jan 08, 2022 4:13 am
by Leucius Charinus
RealityRules wrote:
Leucius Charinus wrote:
According to one of the apocryphal acts Jesus said he was going to be crucified a second time.

    Christ answered him [Peter]: "I am coming to Rome to be crucified again."

    And Peter said to him: "Lord, will you be crucified again?"
    And the Lord said to him: "Certainly, I will be crucified again."

    But Peter said: "Lord, I will return and follow you."
    And after these things were spoken, the Lord ascended into the heavens.

    --- The Acts of Pseudo-Linus

A real man would not have avoided a second crucifixion. This proves he wasn't a real man :mrgreen:

What would any normal person choose? A second crucifixion or a second ascension? "I'd be inclined to go for the ascension over the crucifixion any day. No wonder Jesus chose to ascend.

Without these very popular and very weird tales of Peter in Rome, including the miracle battles with Simon Magus in the sky above the coliseum, Pope Damasus could not have kick-started the PETER-WAS-HERE tourist business in the later 4th century. Along with the Holy Relic Trade. These were business opportunities that the Nicene church industry could not refuse to turn down.