Posted: Mar 21, 2022 11:24 pm
by dejuror
Well we do know that the letter exchange between Paul and Seneca was a blatant forgery of the Nicene church industry in the 4th century. This provides a "terminus ad quem" or "latest possible date" for the appearance of the NT Pauline character, letters and converts.

The forged letters between the supposed Paul and Seneca may indeed be the “latest possible date” however the earliest date for the fabrication of the Pauline character and Epistles appear to be sometime after c 175 CE.
The writings attributed to Justin [c 150 CE] claimed it was 12 illiterate disciples who first preached the story of Jesus to the world which means that the author knew nothing at all of the so-called Paul, the Epistles or converts.
A writing attributed to Origen admitted that Celsus [175-177] when writing against the Christians in his “True Discourse” mentioned nothing at all of Paul and his Churches.

It therefore means, based on the evidence christian writings have provided, any writing which mentions a character called Paul who preached the story of Jesus around the world and that he wrote Epistles to converts are forgeries and also fiction.

Ignatius’ Epistles which mention Paul are most likely forgeries and fiction. [Ignatius could not have written Epistles while imprisoned]
The letter called “First Clement” from the Church of Rome c 95 CE which mentions Paul is a forgery and fiction. Many christian writers claim Clement was bishop of Rome c 67-78 CE not 95 CE.
“ Against Heresies” attributed to Irenaeus c 175 CE which mentions Paul is a forgery– a corrupted writing with multiple authors. It is virtually impossible for the same Irenaeus to have preached that Jesus was an old man [almost 50 years] when he was crucified and knew of the Gospels, Acts of the Apostles and the supposed Pauline Epistles.
The Gospel according to Luke claimed Jesus was about 30 thirty years of age around the 15th year of Tiberius and that he was crucified under Pilate c 27-37 CE.

Essentially, Christian writings do show that Paul, the Epistles and converts were fabricated sometime after C 175 CE.
But, how much later??

Are there Christian writings in the 4th century that mention nothing of Paul, his Epistles and converts?
There is at least one christian writing attributed to Arnobius supposedly written c 305 CE where the author wrote nothing at all about the so-called Paul who preached the gospel to the world.
Up to the 4th century, Arnobius claimed it was the apostles who were with Jesus who preached the gospel to the whole world.

Arnobius’ Against the Heathen 1. 55
Nay, because they saw all these things to be done by Christ Himself and by His apostles, who being sent throughout the whole world carried with them the blessings of the Father, which they dispensed in benefiting as well the minds as the bodies of men

Based on the evidence I have seen so far in Christian and non-apologetic writings including Arnobius’ Against the Heathen” I am of the view the Pauline character, letters and converts are forgeries and fiction most likely fabricated by Romans sometime around the 4th century.