Posted: Apr 03, 2022 6:41 pm
by dogsgod
dejuror wrote:All HJ arguments are logically fallacious. There is no historical evidence or credible reference to the Jesus of Nazareth character, his family, his friends, his apostles and Paul.

Perhaps, but just the same, we don't know. If claims of an historical Jesus stem from the gospel of Mark there are problems in not knowing who the author of gMark was, where he wrote and when, we don't know his intent or if he had a particular itinerant preacher in mind or not when he put pen to paper. We just don't know and therein lies the problem of people claiming to know something. There isn't enough information to be reasonably certain of anything about the story so it seems reasonable for some to dismiss it entirely, but on the other hand perhaps it can't be entirely ruled out.

As far as this thread goes, some of the posters claiming to know something haven't read the topic of this thread, The Jesus Puzzle, which only goes to show that they don't know what they are arguing for or against. Trolls are like that, they refer to those that have read the book as 'mythers' in a pejorative sense in hopes of derailing the thread. It appears that those that claim an historical Jesus with certainty take on the characteristic of Jesus and his followers by casting aspersions towards those that have their doubts about Jesus having come to earth in the flesh.