Posted: Apr 04, 2022 9:57 pm
by proudfootz
dogsgod wrote:It's one thing to acknowledge various theories including all the historical Jesus theories as well as the theories that may or may not necessarily include an historical Jesus, but believing a particular theory to be true and running with it is a fools errand. Believers claim to have the truth, you and O'Neill are believers, so perhaps you are frustrated posting on a rational skeptic board. Cold hard facts are in short supply so no kind of faith is going to cut it here.

This thread is about the Jesus Puzzle, if I recall you won't read it, you won't acknowledge it because you believe.

People who believe they know the truth are unwilling to even consider something outside of their comfort zone. It's a testament to how fragile such belief systems are that dissent cannot be tolerated.

For myself I think on balance the evidence indicates one thing - but if it turns out differently than what I provisionally concluded I don't fear the collapse of civilization, panic in the streets, or universities burning to the ground.