Posted: Sep 25, 2022 6:12 pm
by proudfootz
Leucius Charinus wrote:
RealityRules wrote:The Jesus Fallacy: The Greatest Lie Ever Told by Nicholas Peter Legh Allen

A comprehensive history of the evolution of Christianity ... this book is aimed primarily at perceptive individuals who may lack the necessary background knowledge and who would sincerely and genuinely desire to become more knowledgeable regarding the development and manifestation of Christianity and its contradictory dogmas. Accordingly, this encyclopaedic book has been carefully designed and set out in order to offer a step-by-step education.

Written by an expert in both the history of the ancient near East and Classical history, this book would be of enormous benefit for serious students of not only the primary branches of Judaism and Christianity but also Zoroastrianism, numerous polytheistic religions and the mystery religions.

Another book about the Good (Chrestos) Jesus Fraud? OMG. Well you know what they say about another brick in the wall. Straw by straw the balance appears to be moving away from investigating the Holy Trinity of Jesus H. Chrestos" to the investigating of the fabrication of the New testament and "Church history". Three cheers for the investigators !!!

FWIW RR I checked if there are any summaries of book publications having Jesus in the tile (like Jesus from Outer Space etc) and stumbled over this on WIKI

ETA: Carrier's book isn't listed

There's probably other books out there by investigators both professional and amateur about the forgery and fraud of the chuch industry which don't mention Jesus H. Christ in the title. Like "Forgery in Christianity". That's a great read.


Bart Ehrman doesn't merit a mention either.

I guess that full court press for his Jesus theory books didn't win him any converts among wikipediists.