Posted: Dec 31, 2022 9:36 am
by Leucius Charinus
A new agraphon from the writings of the last pagan emperor Julian

Agrapha (ἄγραφον; Greek for "non written"; singular ágraphon) are sayings of Jesus that are not found in the canonical Gospels. The term was used for the first time by J.G. Körner, a German Bible scholar, in 1776. The definition of agrapha posits that they must satisfy three conditions (SEE: )

* They must be sayings, not discourses – works like the "Didascalia" and the "Pistis Sophia", that speak of Jesus, but do not quote him, are not considered agrapha
* They must be sayings of Jesus – agrapha are not sayings found in religious romances such as those found in apocryphal Gospels, the apocryphal Acts, or the Letter of Christ to Abgar, etc.
* They must not be in the canonical Gospels

Here then is the agraphon of Jesus preserved for us by Julian:

"He that is a seducer, he that is a murderer,
he that is sacrilegious and infamous,
let him approach without fear!
For with this water will I wash him
and will straightway make him clean.

And though he should be guilty
of those same sins a second time,
let him but smite his breast and beat his head
and I will make him clean again."

SOURCE: ... Kronia.htm