Posted: Jan 02, 2023 5:44 pm
by Stein
dogsgod wrote:
Stein wrote:
THWOTH wrote:We'll just have to wait for the second coming and ask him.

Fortunately, today we have modern methods guided by academic standards and modern scholarship, so we don't have to wait for revelation and an unlikely afterlife to address any questions. Modern specialists weighing the data rigorously and establishing relative likelihoods professionally, rather than dogmatizing conspiratorial delusions, can proceed in arriving at a balanced conclusion reflecting the preponderance of data rather than crank preferences that make amateurs and fakes feel good.

You're welcome.


If only NT scholarship would get on board.

The serious professional scholars already have. They don't accept the magic man of fundie Christians. Let me repeat that:

They do NOT accept the magic man of fundie Christians.

The professional historical model is finally the plausible entirely human being who is an itinerant rabbi and social commentator and died on a Roman cross.

Unfortunately, it's the mumbling Kool-aid-ed mythers who won't get on board and make up junk for them to feel good instead.