Posted: Jan 10, 2023 11:07 am
by RealityRules
dogsgod wrote: So, did Christianity begin with a mythical Christ?

I don't think so. I think Christianity began with a nebulous, conceptual Christ-Saviour in Paul's letters (the long form of Iesous/Yeshua, Y'hoshua, meant YHWH saves).

That Christ-Iesous/'Jesus' was first anthropomorphised and personified by Mark and then more so by Matthew and Luke, with their genealogies and birth narratives, etc (other, apocryphal texts and perhaps even the so-called catholic epistles likely had a role, too ie. not all would have been post-Gospel).

That was when the literary, 'human' Jesus became mythical ie. after being anthropomorphised in the literature, but without good contemporaneous accounts about Him.

archibald wrote:The writer of the epistles doesn't seem to have met the man he's writing about while he was alive, or know much about him. Writer of the epistles is imo an unreliable narrator and a chancer.