Posted: Jan 10, 2023 12:31 pm
by proudfootz
dogsgod wrote:
proudfootz wrote:

I went ahead and purchased Doherty's Jesus: Neither God Nor Man for the full argument and it is immensely useful for an exploration of all the relevant evidence.

Compared to that Ehrman's Jesus book is weak sauce.

I bought a used copy of Erhman's book for $5 and even at that it was very disappointing. I wanted an argument for an historical Jesus that went beyond hypothetical sources such as Aramaic texts about Jesus that don't exist, but that was all he offered. He left those arguing for an HJ with nothing.

Yes, Ehrman's book was very poor. The hysterical tone by itself was very off-putting.

But it did include some revealing admissions about the weakness of the proof texts generally used by the HJ lobby.