Posted: Jan 18, 2023 11:04 am
by archibald
RealityRules wrote:
archibald wrote:
dogsgod wrote: I do not know what man you speak of.

For instance, Galatians 5:14:

    "For if through the offence of one* many be dead, much more the grace of God, and the gift by grace, which is by one man**, Jesus Christ, hath abounded unto many".

    * i.e. Adam
    ** Koine Greek: anthropou.
Apart from the references or allusions to Jesus as a human...there is the general emphasis on Jesus being 'the proof' that (other) humans can cheat death also ... it would make no sense to the core message and appeal to the superstitious human readers if Jesus was not the supposed proof, and the counterpoint to Adam, according to the writer.

Exactly. Jesus being portrayed as a human was a key selling point.

And as being a jew, apparently, so maybe I should have said '...appeal to superstitious jewish readers....' in particular, (or listeners actually), or potential converts. Which again makes sense, Jesus being the supposed prime illustration of what the listeners could also attain (eternal life, and soon).

Without a Jesus figure who is said to have been human (or possibly just convincingly human-like in form and appearance, at least temporarily) and dying (or convincingly appearing to), the sales pitch would have been severely weakened, I think.

It is, arguably, more or less exactly the same sales pitch today. Incredibly, some of today's superstitious are still waiting, optimistically, way way past, arguably thousands of years past, the point of reasonable (and initially promised) timescales. Which I think shows what a really appealing sales pitch it is, even if bollocks.

Whatever about when the referred-to death was supposed to have happened (if it ever did at all) this supposed 'human death on earth' seems to me much more likely alleged scenario (for reasons given above to begin with), and not for instance a celestial-only entity who merely 'died' somewhere else other than on earth, which is probably the main reason I tend to be very skeptical about Earl Doherty's stuff.