Posted: Apr 09, 2023 10:11 am
by Leucius Charinus
Vridar is a good resource. A recent addition there features a (machine) English translation of Bruno Bauer’s Christ and the Caesars. It is available in a PDF. Here's a link: ... in-english

Bruno Bauer concluded that not only was Jesus fabricated but so too was Paul.
Three cheers for Bruno Bauer !!! I think he was definitely on to something.

WIKI provides a brief summary of his life and works. One of my favorite quotes is:

    According to Bauer,
    the writer of Mark's gospel was "an Italian, at home both in Rome and Alexandria";
    Matthew's gospel was written by "a Roman, nourished by the spirit of Seneca"; and
    Christianity is essentially "Stoicism triumphant in a Jewish garb." ... an_Origins