Posted: May 06, 2023 3:44 am
by Leucius Charinus
proudfootz wrote:
Stein wrote:The latest from Bart Ehrman --


Just about the best thing is the comments under the video and how many people are triggered by the host's establishing her preferred pronouns and color of her hair.
19:50 / 48:00

Bart appeals to the "Criterion of Embarrassment"

The criterion of embarrassment is a type of historical analysis in which a historical account is deemed likely to be true under the inference that the author would have no reason to invent a historical account which might embarrass them. Certain Biblical scholars have used this as a metric for assessing whether the New Testament's accounts of Jesus' actions and words are historically probable.[1]

The criterion of embarrassment is one of the criteria of authenticity used by academics, the others being the criterion of dissimilarity, the criterion of language and environment, criterion of coherence, and the criterion of multiple attestation. ... arrassment

The "Criterion of Embarrassment" represents flawed logic and complete bullshit