Posted: Feb 26, 2010 1:35 pm
by jerome
Apollonius wrote:Big deal. None of those writers saw Jesus. They wrote about the fact that there were Christians that believed something.

This would be about like me writing a story about a president that was thought to be great who was shot in the head in Dallas. I wasn't there. What I know about it came from other sources.

There is not a single historical source by anyone that actually saw him, not one.

It is pretty much an established fact that people believed a lot of things, and what we know about those things is that they were passed on verbally for a long time before anyone wrote them down, and they were written in Greek, not Aramaic.

Yes, all are secondary sources. On your other point, Greek was widely spoken in the place and time, and indeed was the language of the Roman army administration (not Latin as you might expect) and a large part of the population were bilingual, hardly an issue; Koine Greek in fact. If yu want to discuss it start a new thread,and we can chat about this stuff. :)

j x