Posted: Feb 26, 2010 10:30 pm
by TimONeill
Apollonius wrote:I didn't say he did not exist. I said there is no historical record from anyone who saw him.

Different topics.

Okay. The Jesus Mythers do try to use the lack of contemporary attestation as evidence he didn't exist though. I was simply showing that it's merely the nature of ancient sources - we rarely have contemporary attestation for anyone.

As far as Hannibal, it that true? It seems like he would have attracted a lot of attention.

He did. It's just that the earliest source we have about him (Polybius) comes from about 40 years after he died. Just like Jesus. So if the career of the man who almost destroyed the Roman Republic isn't attested in his lifetime and we have to rely on later accounts, why would we expect any different for some peasant preacher from the back of nowhere? This is why the Myther "argument from silence" fails utterly.