Posted: Feb 27, 2010 2:55 pm
by TimONeill
Agrippina wrote:Did you happen to notice the second word in the forum title "skepticism."

No. I have my eye firmly fixed on it. But true scepticism has a rational focus.

So I'm sceptical of what people say, and I make up my own mind about what I want to believe,

Based on ... ?

and bullying tactics about 'evidence' are not going to work with me,

Real scepticism is based on EVIDENCE buddy. If you think the requirement that you should produce evidence amounts to "bullying tactics" then perhaps you would be more comfortable on some woolly-minded hippy forum. You sure as hell don't seem to fit in here with the rationalists.

I love the hippy reference BTW. Very funny.

Very apt, it seems. Now, enough shit - put up or shut up time for you pal. Do you have some EVIDENCE that Jesus was based on multiple people or are you just farting out your arse?

EVIDENCE now, please.