Posted: Feb 27, 2010 4:31 pm
by Apollonius
Agrippina wrote:..
But from the point of view of reading the history, and having spent almost two decades reading ancient history, the evidence does seem to prove that he did actually exist but I always question everything I read, and I always look for more than one reference. The bible certainly doesn't make me confident that he did exist but the other sources quoted by Jerome here, certainly indicate that he was real. I just think that even though the history points to his existence, a lot of the history should be read with a certain amount of scepticism because of the bias of writers who were not subjected to peer review.


The sources I read/listen to, such as Erhman, already approach it with a great deal of skepticism. Just because a lot of theists are full of shit and they just look for what they want to believe, it does not follow that skeptical historians do not exist.

There is a lot of work done on this. It's called textual criticism.