Posted: Apr 07, 2011 4:23 pm
by John P. M.
Insufficient data, cannot compute. :tongue:
No, but to say that the universe began to exist, as from literally nothing, poofed into existence through magic, is, to say the least, premature.
Should it be the case that the universe has one cause, I can't see how one could derive any theological significance from that fact in and of itself.
Also, to simply decide to terminate the unwanted infinite regress with God seems arbitrary to me. If a highly intelligent entity can be said to exist eternally, then whatever constitutes the universe in various states can too, and be much more parsimonious.
An infinite, intelligent God would - unless it was 100% rigid, but then it wouldn't be intelligent - also have an infinite amount of states, so you bump into infinite regress with God as well.