Posted: Apr 07, 2011 9:51 pm
by hotshoe
Sorry, Teuton, that's just more of that sophistimacated lying-by-definition that sucks fools into thinking that, since little Willy claims he's got "reasons to believe", then he's got evidence. If you've been taken in by it, too, well sorry for you, and if you haven't been taken in by Craig's congame, then I really can't imagine why you keep presenting this nonsense without disclaimer. In fact, since you claim that his empirical reasons are so sound, why aren't you a believer yourself ?

Let's check the real world difference between "reasons to believe" and "evidence". Listen to any politician who is trying to smear his opponent, as in: We have reasons to believe that Mr. Obama was born in Kenya and is a secret Muslim. :shock:

Why don't WE believe him when he says that ? Because he doesn't have evidence!

To conflate the two is wrong, even if the conflating is done by a respected philosophical encyclopedia.

Kalamity Kraig believes in the god of the bible. He believes in an active universe-starting, miracle-working, breath-life-into-dust, diddle-with-DNA, raise-people-from-the-dead, heal-amputees (oh, oops, no healing amputees :thumbdown: ), type deity. Now whether we picture that deity as a bearded man (like Jesus, hmm) or an
"extraspatiotemporal/extraspatial immaterial person" (as you said on the other thread) then that so-called immaterial entity has to interact with the material world (HOW? that's a whole 'nuther problem) and that interaction has to leave evidence around.

No one would NEED "reasons to believe" if there were any actual, umm, you know, evidence of god's existence. I might be able to choose not to worship the god of the bible if there were evidence, but I would not be able to choose to disbelieve, any more than I can choose to disbelieve in the existence of the sun, given the evidence ...

Little Willy's "reasons to believe" have only one purpose - to reassure other believers that someone sophistimacated-sounding has got their back. Yep, that's right, folks, not only did god create the universe, but he answered your prayer for a parking space near the mall for Christmas shopping. You don't have to worry, it's OK to keep believing in god because little Willy proved it exists.

Well, there is one other purpose - to make money for slick Willy - but that's more of a bonus side effect; a man as glib and unscrupulous as he would have risen to the top of the Wall Street crooks if money were his main motivation.