Posted: Sep 03, 2011 6:31 pm
by Ichthus77
I first heard about these from Professor Tim McGrew: ... _interview

Here are a few examples:

(Note: numbers are being skipped on purpose because I am sticking to 'internal' coincidences amongst the Gospels.)

#1: Matthew 26:67-68 Why ask him to tell them who slapped him? Luke 22 They blindfolded him.

#2: Mark 6:31 Why are many coming and going? John 6:4 The Passover pilgrimage.

#3: Matthew 8:14-16 Why in the evening? Mark 1:21 Sabbath over at evening (cannot bear burden).

#4: Luke 9:36 Why did they keep silent? Mark 9:9 Jesus told them to tell no one (most consistently disobeyed command, lol).

#5: John 6:5 Why pick Philip? Luke 9 The setting of the miracle is Bethsaida, Philip’s “hometown” (John 1:44).

#7: John 21:15 Why ask “…more than these?” Matthew 26:33 “Though they all fall away…I will never fall away.” In John 21 Peter is done boasting and just says “Lord, you know that I love you.” Beautiful!

#8: Luke 23:1-4 Why Pilate find no guilt in Jesus? John 18:28- “My kingdom is not of this world.”
Also, John never mentions the charge against him, but Luke fills in the detail.

#10: Matthew 14:1-2 Why is Herod speaking about this to his servants? Luke 8:3 Joanna, the wife of Chuza, Herod’s household manager/steward. Herod knows that if he’s got questions about Jesus, talk to his Christian servants. Acts 13:1 Manaen had been brought up with Herod the Tetrarch.

#11: Mark 14:57-58 Mark 15 People mock him for saying he would destroy the temple. He never says that in Mark. John 2:18-19 Jesus says, “Destroy this temple, and in three days I will raise it up.”

These are just examples of ‘internal’ undesigned coincidences in the Gospels.

For other types and examples, and more sources for further research, go here: ... y-tim.html