Posted: Sep 04, 2011 12:26 am
by Shrunk
Cito di Pense wrote:
Ichthus77 wrote:I first heard about these from Professor Tim McGrew.

That's what coincidences are, from the standpoint of 'design', unless (of course) you think the bible was written by people. You know, the animals that are forever designing things. Even if they aren't aware of it, they use unoriginal stuff they can't remember, and so do you. Coincidence assumes some sort of supernatural agency; unless you call it something other than a coincidence.

I sure hope Professor Tim McGrew creates an account in this forum, so I can tell him exactly what I think of him and my effort not be entirely wasted. Is my effort wasted on you, Ichthus?

That's quite remarkable. It's pretty well what I meant to imply with my "smiley", but of course I didn't say any of it.

Would that count as an "undesigned coincidence"? What do you think, Cito?