Posted: Sep 04, 2011 1:43 pm
by Ichthus77
Shrunk and Cito--These are undesigned coincidences because the Gospel authors fill in eachother's missing details without intending to. Now...perhaps God a hand in that, or perhaps he only 'sustained' it (we'll not go on that tangent)...but the primary point is that their not intending to fill in eachother's details is a good test for the authenticity of what they are shows they did not rely on eachother, that they are independent sources. Historians get excited when you have 2 independent sources for the same recorded saying/event.

willhud9 and Alan B--If they were based off one another, why didn't they copy the missing details, rather than leave them out? Do you think they sat down, anticipated biblical criticism, and concocted a plan to fill in eachother's missing details to make it 'look' authentic? Why didn't the Gnostic gospel authors think of that? They don't have 'any' undesigned coincidences and embellish a lot.

Rational Skepticism...or just...Skepticism for the sake of skepticism? :?