Posted: Jun 13, 2012 1:15 am
by OlivierK
Made of Stars wrote:Had an interesting conversation with my eight year old this evening. He was incensed because, for a quiz question asking how many tens were in the number 936, he'd been marked wrong for giving the answer 93. :)

He's just about to finish The Hobbit, and wants to read LOTR - what do people think about the age-appropriateness? He's read all the Potter books, FWIW.

I reckon LOTR is more age appropriate for an 8yo than the later Potter books which veer into teen romance themes. We're actually holding our 9yo back on the later Potters so she can relate to them better as a spotty teenager ;)

Actually, LOTR could be a good way of diverting her from her Pottermania :lol:

(And I fully agree with your son - what disgraceful teaching. It took me a while to work out what he'd got "wrong" and my first thought was that they were after "93.6", but then again I was actually punished as a 7 year old for daring to correct a teacher who said that you could subtract 2 from 5 but you couldn't subtract 5 from 2 :smoke: )