Posted: Sep 19, 2012 9:01 pm
by ED209
HughMcB wrote:
ED209 wrote:I saw this thread a while and jumped into the Quantum Computing course late, and had to hurry through it. It was good stuff all the same and I'm doing a few more.

Did you get any sort of certificate? Did you have any assignments?

Nah, I started more than halfway through and so missed the deadlines for the first several assignments (didn't seem worth submitting any later ones).

Since then I've started a couple of maths-y courses, keeping up with the assignments. I think I will drop out of one as I have two more starting next week, I won't have time to keep up with all four. I think there will be a certificate for some of them but not really interested in those tbh, what would I do with it, print it out and stick it on my fridge?

Overall I would plan to have one coursera course on the go and fill in any free time by dipping in and out of udacity. I'm finding the udacity courses much better in terms of explanation (I picked up the recommend from a dissatisfied coursera student on their discussion board), they are more like watching a series of really good presentations rather than an actual lectured course, and because there are no deadlines or graded assignments or certificates - all the content is accessible at any time - I go can at my own pace. But udacity seems to be just maths and computer science so if that doesn't float your boat then it might not be for you. The founder is a google fellow and they keep shoehorning messages from sergei bryn into their courses, he actually keeps popping up, which adds a bit of razzmatazz to proceedings. Maybe I'll invent the udacity drinking game where everytime they name-check bryn you take a drink and while he is talking in person to camera you drink the whole time :drunk: