Posted: Sep 20, 2012 1:06 pm
by ED209
Spearthrower wrote:17 more universities just joined Coursera.

I'm really surprised that this hasn't generated more interest here at Ratskep. I've put up a link to an upcoming course on Genetics & Evolution in the Biology subforum, and only 1 person's responded!

This is an absofuckinglutely awesome development - I am now going into shameless promotion mode.

Yes the indifference is deafening. Maybe thread is in wrong part of forum :dunno:

It is a good idea but courses can be a little uneven in quality. It would be good if we had a thread to post our thoughts after completing a course. As i mentioned above, there is also udacity, and on the Coursera boards many recommend the khan academy. The problem i find with khan, and to an extent Coursera, is that there is so much content it is hard to pick out the highlights.

It would be great if some subject experts here would say, this Coursera course is excellent, that series on Khan is better than the equivalent Coursera course etc. :ask: