Posted: Sep 20, 2012 1:27 pm
by Spearthrower
ED209 wrote:
Spearthrower wrote:17 more universities just joined Coursera.

I'm really surprised that this hasn't generated more interest here at Ratskep. I've put up a link to an upcoming course on Genetics & Evolution in the Biology subforum, and only 1 person's responded!

This is an absofuckinglutely awesome development - I am now going into shameless promotion mode.

Yes the indifference is deafening. Maybe thread is in wrong part of forum :dunno:

I can imagine it for parenting and education - which I imagine has a much less frequent regular membership - but even the Biology forum with a link to a course on Genetics and Evolution's only had one bite - the same one that I think Aminavore said he's doing.

That seems bizarre considering the number of people here who have effectively self-educated on many biology issues over the years!

I though a lot of people who partake regularly in the Creationism forum would leap on such a course as it would give them a much better understanding of the arguments being written here.

ED209 wrote:It is a good idea but courses can be a little uneven in quality. It would be good if we had a thread to post our thoughts after completing a course. As i mentioned above, there is also udacity, and on the Coursera boards many recommend the khan academy. The problem i find with khan, and to an extent Coursera, is that there is so much content it is hard to pick out the highlights.

I haven't personally done any of the courses yet, but I had an interesting surprise a couple of weeks back when one of my students told me she was doing a course on Finance on Coursera. Obviously, her English is very high level so she can do it, but if this idea takes hold, then this could make a huge difference to countries like Thailand! I'll be pointing all my students with a high level of English to go there from now on. I really see wonderful things for this, but I am trying to stop myself waxing lyrical until the ball really starts rolling.

ED209 wrote:It would be great if some subject experts here would say, this Coursera course is excellent, that series on Khan is better than the equivalent Coursera course etc. :ask:

To be honest, I am sure that most people will do as I did and go hunting for courses they don't know much about rather than ones they already do! :grin: But it is a good idea - it's just finding the time! All my chosen classes start next year as this year's pretty much written off until December because of work volume. Still, I think that even students on the courses writing up their experiences of the course will be a good step along the way. If they feel like they've learned a lot and understand it, that will be just as useful.